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I’ve had a bird feeder outside my bedroom window for almost four years. My bird traffic started out small, a few sparrows here and there. Then the morning doves started coming, and the Cardinals, and the Finches, and even the beautiful, but very loud Blue Jays. As the years past the birds figured out that my house was a steady source of seed and their numbers swelled. On several occasions I have looked out my window to see 40-50 birds swarming about. My first feeder was a wooden 2 pounder. My birds can go through that in a few hours.

The wooden feeder broke and I bought a bigger metal 8 pound feeder. It does a better job, but rust is starting to creep in and I think that it might be entering its final winter. Like I always say the cheap thing might seem like a bargain, but when you have to keep replacing it over and over it becomes expensive.

When the time comes to buy my next bird feeder, their is a good chance it will be a “Father Nature” bird feeder.  Made in Manning South Carolina, these feeders are constructed from heavy gauge steel and painted in one of four powder coat colors, they are built to last. The people at “Father Nature” are so confident in their product that they offer a lifetime guarantee against breakage and squirrel damage.

You can either buy a stand alone feeder or an entire pole system designed to catch falling seed and block the classic bird feeder villain, squirrels.

As a photographer and bird watcher, my feeders have brought me hours of enjoyment. If you are looking to replace your bird feeder or spruce up your backyard, please consider a “Father Nature” bird feeder. 

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