How Does 15% off Home Delivered Groceries Sound?

When given the option, I prefer to shop on line. I like to price compare, I appreciate that the internet never closes, and I have yet to encounter a line to use my computer. is one of the biggest, most efficient, and most price competitive companies in the world. I have bought dozens of items from them and have always been very happy. Now it appears that they is out to change the way we shop for groceries.

Amazon has created its “Subscribe and Save” program. You enroll, select from thousands of products that you already use, and you earn 5% off with free home delivery. No parking, no lines, no self checkout, items shipped right to your doorstep. How great it that? You can set up reoccurring shipments on items based on usage, no fees, cancel whenever you like.

The title says 15%? It does indeed.  If you pay with a Mastercard and enter the promo code MSTRCRD1 you will receive 15% off of your first purchase. Since this is a one shot opportunity I would advise that you stack your first order with non-pershable items, like diapers and shaving razors. Lock in that extra 10% and just keep those products in a draw or on a shelf.

Simliar services charge a fee for home delivery, here you get Amazons competitive prices and reliable free delivery. Just think, the only time you would have to go to the Supermarket would be for Eggs, Milk, and fruits and vegetables. You could use the express line and carry your stuff out in one bag.

No hassle, extra savings, free delivery. Win Win Win.

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