Practicing What I Preach – Patience, Ebay Bucks, and Paypal

Not too long ago, I wrote and article about the importance of waiting. When the “Back to the Future” trilogy was released on Blu-ray two years ago I was really excited. I love those movies, I have since I first saw them. On top of that this special edition is full of features, stuff that I had heard about, but never seen. The more I read about this collection the more I wanted it. Then I saw the price, $79.99. What? Okay, I’ll just buy the first movie, that’s my favorite. No deal, have to buy all three. A younger more impetuous me probably would have buckled under and paid the 80 bucks.

Not any more. I’ll wait. And I waited.

Two years later I now have my very own copy of my own and I paid $25.00 for it. I saved 50 dollars by waiting and buying on Ebay. I found a seller with a great reputation and a good price . It cost me $25.00 plus $3.00 for shipping. I used my “Ebay Bucks” to offset the shipping and I paid the balance with money in my paypal account from selling things in my house that I no longer wanted or needed, like my old cell phones.

This “Back to the Future” Bluray collection was essentially free for me. It took a little time and some effort, but it was certainly worth it.

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