Stay On Target With Your Holiday Shopping

It’s almost that time of year. Halloween is around the corner and once that passes it will be full speed ahead. Time to plan out your Christmas shopping. As always, you want the biggest deals, the best prices,  and you can rest assure that I will be looking for you. Here is one option to consider as you gear up for the Holiday Shopping Crunch of 2012.

The Target REDcard debit/credit card is offering holiday shoppers a great deal with two options. For those of you looking for another credit card you can choose the REDcard credit card. For those of you who prefer to pay with the money you have, Target is offering the REDcard debit card that you can link directly to your checking account. Either option will get you 5% off of your purchases at Target and free shipping from

Beginning November 1st, Target is offering its “Holiday Price Match” program. If you bring in an ad or show them an online price on your phone from a competitor like Amazon or Walmart, Target will match it.  So if you find a better price, you know what to do.

In the war that is the retail Christmas shopping season, Target has brought out the big guns. With price match and the REDcard you can lock down some great deals and have possible have them delivered for free. If you think this might be a good fit for you, I recommend you click on over to and take a look. The holidays will be here before you know it, don’t be that guy walking around the mall on December 24th. Be the other guy/gal, the one that says “I finished my Christmas shopping weeks a go.”

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