A Year of “Rolling Stone” For Under 4 Bucks!

I am always on the hunt for deals and I just found one that is too good to pass up. Most of us have a favorite magazine, even if we aren’t active subscribers. When you go to the dentist office, you always have one or two publications that you search for.

Sometimes I consider subscribing, but I always think, “Do I really need another bill in my life?” Like most things though, if the price is right I will buy.

How does 80% off of the cover price sound? At discountmags.com you can find dozens of publications covering an immense range of topics, all at deeply discounted prices.  I guess the thinking is, would you rather have part of something or all of nothing. The magazine publisher might not like the sale price, but what they lose on the issue price they make back in advertising revenue. The modern world moves fast, you have to adapt to survive.

As if 20 bucks a year for “Rolling Stone Magazine” wasn’t good enough I can make the deal even sweeter. I have mentioned the fantastic coupon site dealseekingmom.com in a previous article. This is a great coupon site that has a constant stream of deals and discounts.

If you enter the coupon code DEALSEEKINGMON at check out you will get a years subscription to “Rolling Stone Magazine” for $3.99. That’s pennies a month! Deals don’t get much better than that.

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