Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Pad & Quill Iphone Case

Earlier this month I wrote an article about the ease and convenience of my iphone wallet case.  When I was researching this item I was disappointed that I could not find any American made products in the category. Well that has just changed.

Introducing the “Little Pocket Book” from Minnesota manufacturer “Pad and Quill”.

Incorporating wood instead of plastic into its design, this wallet case really stands out from the competition. It offers three pockets for credit cards, a windowed slot for IDs, and a pocket for cash. What separates it from my current iphone wallet is a camera hole on the back and a flexible strap to hold the case shut.

I haven’t held one, but reviews of Pad and Quills products are glowing. People love the build quality, the materials, and the design. Anyone who thinks that Americans no longer make things well anymore should get their hands on one of these cases.

The new Pad and Quill” iphone 5 case goes on sale today. It cost $59.99 and comes in a nice variety of color combinations. If you are looking to simplify your pockets, please consider the “Little Pocket Book” wallet case form “Pad and Quill”.

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