You Need Protection- 3 Free Spyware Programs You Should Get For Your Computer

Keeping your computer safe from viruses used to be so easy. You bought a copy of Norton or McAfee, avoided shady websites, and tried not to open e-mails from people you didn’t know. Then came the “I love You” virus. A simple e-mail with that universal phrase in the title to spark your curiosity. You open it and BOOM, virus. From then on things got tricky. Viruses hidden in Facebook posts, viruses that would send viruses from your e-mail address, viruses hidden in websites that look like real websites, but are actually decoys. You really have to be on your toes these days.

While I still use and recommend pay programs like Norton 360, you can add to your protection with the following programs:

  1. Ad-aware by Lavasoft - I have used this program for years. Ad-Aware’s scans do an excellent job finding and eliminating spyware and various other unwanted computer nasties. I use the free version, but the PRO version is certainly worth a look. My only problem is that sometimes this programs and Norton will conflict with each other. You have to check the settings on each, its a headache, but worth it for this type of coverage.
  2. SuperAntiSpyWare Free Edition- This program comes highly reviewed and recommended. Not only can it dig down and thoroughly scan your PC, it can also repair the damaged that Malware and Spyware have done to your computer. It can find the troubling buggers that other programs can’t. If you have a particularly aggressive virus, this might be the program for you.
  3. SpyHunter 4 – My parents PC was attacked by a real nasty virus. I did some Google searches about it and someone recommended this program. It worked perfectly. I wish I had found it before I wasted two hours trying to remove that virus.
So there you are, three tools to keep viruses out or find and eliminate them when they get in.

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