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The “All American Clothing Company” has been featured on this site before. I have bought several of their products and I am very happy with my purchases. Everytime I buy clothes from them they include a small pamphlet that reads:

“If every American citizen bought $50 worth of USA Made goods in a year, it would create up to $15.7 billion in revenue.”

Think about that, $15,700,000,000. How many jobs do you think that would create? How much tax revenue do you think that would generate?  If every family decided to buy one American made pair of jeans, or sneakers, or a frying pan, or a pair of boots. If we just simply decided to swap out one foreign made purchase for an American one. You want to talk about a jobs program or an economic stimulus package, you got one right there. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Today’s America made company, A.S. Tees, hails from South Carolina and  has been in business since 1997. I own two of their long sleeve thermals and one of their “Ringer Tees”. The build quality on these shirts is excellent and the colors and fabric have held up very well after several washes. My shirts look as good today as they did when I first bought them. What’s even more impressive about A.S. Tee’s products is their price. Many of the items on their website sell for around 5 bucks. You could easily buy 6 or 7 shirts for under 50 dollars, a nice refresh to any wardrobe.

If you t-shirt collection is looking a little raggedy or you need some nice long sleeve shirts for the winter, please consider A.S. Tees.

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