Made in the U.S.A Monday – Amana Blankets

Two days ago it was 80 degrees where I live. Right now it’s 45. It may take a curious route, but the cold weather is coming. It’s time to pull the winter coats out of the closet and ready the fireplace. I love the smell of burning wood. That and the inside of a pumpkin are my two favorite  Fall fragrances.

Another thing most of us do around this time of year is take out the heavy blankets. Watching TV or reading a book, a nice warm blanket is a must. If your blankets are started to look a little worn or you are looking to add a few more you should take a look at some of the blankets offered by the good people at Amana.

Established in 1855 and based in Iowa Amana runs the states sole surviving wool mill. They sell winter accessories, colorful socks, and wide range of blankets in several different styles and colors.

I personally like this Blue Nordic cotton blanket. It’s woven in 100% cotton and is made to last, a quality blanket that will keep you warm for many winters to come. Buy it for yourself or give it as a gift. Amana’s website has a lot to offer, click on over and take a look.

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