Would You Pay $50 a Pound for Coffee?

I don’t drink coffee. I never have. In this sense I am the odd man out. I’ve witness the StarBucks explosion, I’ve see my coworkers in the kitchen rummaging through the boxes of K-Cups, frustrated when their favorite flavor has run out. I can see the joy in my friends face when she tells me “Fall is here! Now I can have a Pumpkin Spice latte, my favorite”.

America’s love affair with coffee shows no signs of stopping and that’s fine by me. What does trouble me is the cost, particularly so with K-Cups. The Keurig brewing machine has taken this country by storm. Everyday this device is responsible for over 2,000,000 cups of coffee. The chances are pretty good that your workplace has one of them sitting in the  kitchen and if your office is anything like mine that little brewer is in constant use.

Keurig’s two biggest selling points are convenience and variety. You drop a K-Cup into the machine, push a button, and out comes your coffee. Simple, easy, and mess free. On top of that you can choose from a variety of coffee flavors. Everyone in the office can enjoy their favorite brew or try out new ones.

These perks come at a cost. One K-Cup holds 8 grams of coffee, it takes about 57 K-cups to equal a pound. I did some searching,  that many K-Cups will cost you around $35- $50 per pound! Most gourmet coffee that I found sells for 10 bucks a pound and “regular” coffee sells for about 5 dollars a pound.

But I like my Keurig machine? It’s so easy to use.

Well the K-Cup patent is expiring, right now. What does that mean for you? Choices. Other companies are now entering the K-Cup market. Competition means lower prices. One such company is DisposaCups. They offer empty K-Cup like containers that you can fill with your own choice of coffee, seal, and place in your Keurig machine. They cost $10.99 for 50 cups.

If you filled DisposaCups with your own selection of gourmet coffee it would cost you about $20 for 50 cups. Let’s say your home or office has 4 people who have 2 cups a day, that’s around 150 cups a month.

  • 150 K-Cups will cost approximately $100 a month depending on the type of coffee, $1200.00 a year.
  • 150 DisposaCups with gourmet coffee will cost you around $60 a month depending on the type of coffee, $720.00 a year.

That’s nearly a 500 dollar a year difference, that could be even less if you used cheaper coffee in the DisposaCups. Many large offices will use ten times that amount. What business wouldn’t want to save 5 thousand dollar in this economy?

Of course it all comes down to ease of use. Some people might not want to fill their own cups. For hundreds of dollars a year in savings, would you? Is 50 dollars a pound worth it?

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