Lockitron – The Lock of the Future

When I was in second grade my teacher asked my class to draw a picture of what we thought life would be like in the year 2000. In the 80’s such a date seemed so far away. We drew flying cars and jet packs, giant slides that people would take to work. I think the world would be a lot more fun it we let children design our technology.

Anyway, here we are twelve years past and all of those things are still science fiction. I don’t own a jet pack, no slide to work, and my car boringly rolls along the ground.

Not to worry. The guys over at Lockitron are doing their best to make 2012 seem more like 2012. Lockitron is a keyless entry system to your house that works with your cellphone. You hook the device up to your door and pair it with your phone. You will now have the ability to lock or unlock the door from anywhere.  If you are stuck in traffic and you need your neighbor to feed your dog, you can either unlock the door for them or give them temporary access to Lockitron.

This device also has some valuable security features. Lockitron will notify you whenever the door is locked or unlocked. If you are a parent, it can tell you the moment your children are home from school. It also has a detection ability that can tell you when someone knocks.

My favorite feature that Lockitron advertises is keyless entry. The device detects your smartphone as you approach and unlocks the door. No more searching for keys, or fumbling around when you get home at night. You simply walk up to your door, turn the knob and enter, fantastic.

Lockitron is a start up company. They are currently taking order for their first 1000 devices. At $150 dollars I think Lockitron delivers a pretty good value. I don’t own one, but the reviews I have read a very good. If you would like to know more or see Lockitron in action here is a video.

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