Ebay Payday – Ebay Bucks Follow Up.

Back in July I wrote an article about “Ebay Bucks”. Its a simple promotion, you enroll and every time you buy certain items on Ebay you are rewarded with “Ebay bucks” that can be used to purchase future items. You accrue “Ebay Bucks” over a three month period and are paid out on the forth month.

Well yesterday I received and e-mail from Ebay that $2.77 worth of “Ebay Bucks” will appear into my account on Wednesday. Add to that the $2.55 I made from enrolling in BigCrumbs.com and I am sitting pretty with over five bucks. Certainly not a life changing sum, but it’s money back on things I was going to buy anyway. I am new to both of these programs, but if I participated in each of them for a full year I am estimating that I would make $30-$50 over that period. I’ll take that any day.

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