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Have an idea for an invention? I do. My head is filled with all types of devices and gadgets just waiting for me to get around to making them. You probably do as well. I don’t know why but Americans love to invent things. The internet, that was us. The airplane, us as well. Television, guilty as charged. We love new inventions and we love to meet the people who create them.

Well allow me to introduce you to Lynn Weismeister, the inventor of the “Power Shelf”. This neat little item will help you eliminate the clutter of charger cords and the annoyance of having to put your cellphone on the floor or kitchen counter. You simply remove your old outlet cover and replace it with a Power Shelf outlet cover. As the name implies it has a shelf where you can rest your electronics, keeping them off the ground and out of the way. You can wrap the excess cord around the arm of the shelf for a nice clean look.

Power Shelves are made from recycled material, come in a number of colors, and manufactured in Plymouth Ohio.

The folks at Power Shelf have created a wide range of products with various sizes and fuctions. They have also designed Power Shelves that can be fitted to light switches. My personal favorite is this one with a hook built in for an electrical cord.  This would be perfect for a garage.

If you are tired of tangled cords and clutter and are looking for a way to organize your cables and electronics the good people over at “Power Shelf” just might have the answer.


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