Your Cell Phone Bill Will Never Be the Same.

In any industry some times a shift occurs that changes everything. When I first tried Netflix back in 2004 I knew that I would never go back to a video rental store again. When I first heard about the Iphone I knew the smartphone makers were going to have to adapt or close shop. Remember Blackberry? Every business person I knew had one, now hardly any do.

After reading about Virgin Mobile’s new cell phone plans I realized that the way we pay for our minutes, text, and data was going to change. For those of you who haven’t heard, Virgin mobile is now offering unlimited everything(cell phone minutes, Text, and Data Usage) for $55.00 a month. That’s $660.00 a year. On my current plan I am paying over $1300.00, but that does include taxes. It’s around $1100.00 with out taxes.

Here is a chart comparing the four largest wireless providers (the Initial Phone is an Iphone or smartphone equivalent in the case of T-Mobile):

Please click on the chart for a larger view.

As you can see the Virgin Mobile Plan offers a 600 dollars savings over Verizon Wireless and a nearly 900 dollar savings over AT&T. A few things to consider, presently T-Mobile has a large variety of smartphone for sale, but no Iphone. Virgin Mobile has an Iphone, but it only offers the Iphone 4S. So if the latest Iphone is a deal breaker then Virgin Mobile plan isn’t for you. Eventually I believe that both companies will offer the Iphone 5, but presently they don’t.

You might also have noticed that the upfront costs are higher for the Virgin Mobile plan as you have to pay the entire cost of the phone. However you make up the entire cost difference in the first year. Another big plus is unlimited data. The 2GB and 4GB limits in the Verizon and AT&T plans could be too small for many people and the overage costs could really add up. Personally those data plans would not be enough for me, but I use my phone a lot for work.

I still have four months on my current cell phone contract and I honestly don’t know if I will stay with my current provider. The prospect of saving hundreds of dollars is very appealing and not having to worry about minutes and data overages would be terrific. My only hang up is coverage. I am not that familiar with Virgin Mobile’s (which uses the Sprint network) coverage.

As the end of my contract nears I will investigate further. So while I am unsure of my current cell phone provider situation I do know this- everything has changed and in this case the change is good.

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