When You Buy is Almost as Important as What you Buy.

Some times logic has no place in the world of bargain shopping. Right now in New York the leaves are starting to change color. It might seem like a good time to buy a rake. WRONG! Right now its the perfect time to buy some patio furniture and a barbecue. I was in Home Depot the other day and they were slashing the prices of their patio sets, 40-50% off. They just want to get them out the door and make room for the winter stuff. Nothing sells better then a snowblower in a blizzard. They are building up their inventory and hoping for some nasty weather. If we have another mild winter up in the northeast they will slash prices in april and hope for a better Summer.

In my experience right now is a great time to buy computers. October is the perfect window for deal seekers. In August and September all the students returning to school gobbled up all the laptops and desktops. In November and December people will scoop them up for the holidays. Right now we are in a lull and lulls are where the best deals can be found.

I did some searching and I found some bargains, if I were in the market for a computer I would seriously consider these.

  • Dell Vostro 260 –  For $499.00 you can get an I3 3.3 gigahertz processor, 4 gigs of ram, a 250 gig hard drive and a 20inch monitor. The complete package for under 500 bucks.
  • MacBook Air – Normally $999.00 this extremely light Dual Core I5 Apple can be yours for $759.99
  • Dell Inspiron N5050 Laptop- For $479.99 you can purchase a notebook with an I5 2.5 gigahertz processor, 6 gigs of ram and a one terabyte hard drive.
  • A Sandisk 16gig USB Flashdrive- for 7 bucks. I remember when those things used to sell for 50!

You might also want to consider the refurb section of the Apple store. I read about Ipad 2’s selling for $319.00 there from time to time. The deals are plentiful and will most likely last until early November

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