3 Free Smart Phone Apps That Everyone Should Have

More and more of us are turning to smart phones. Some of us are down right addicted, so much so that medical professionals have coined a phrase for it, Nomophobia. Look it up. It’s defined as, the fear of being without mobile contact. As you can imagine is more common among teenagers, but it is spreading.

As they say, everything in moderation. In previous post I told you about the free GPS app Waze and the amazing restaurant reservation app OpenTable. I now have for you three more free apps that you should consider adding to your smartphone.

  1. Yelp – I can’t tell you how many times the future bride and I have used this site/app. It allows you to search for nearby restaurants and read reviews posted by other yelp users. They have built up a very helpful database and I can’t remember a time when it steered me wrong.
  2. Shazam – Magic. That’s how good this app is and its exactly what I thought when I first saw it. You activate the app and hold your phone up so it can hear whatever song is playing. After a few seconds it tells you what the name of the song is and the artist who plays it. They have also added television program identification as well.
  3. Flashlight – You don’t always need one, but when you need a flashlight this app is a lifesaver. It converts your rear camera flash into a very bright flashlight.
One of the best parts about these apps is that they are free. Try them out, tuck them away for the day you need them. They are like little superheroes just waiting to help. Check them out.

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