The Win Win Scenario of Pet Adoption

I love dogs. From the day I was born I have had at least one dog in my house and I couldn’t imagine my life with out pets. From a spunky puppy to a wise old gray dog, I really enjoy having them in my life.

I recently read that because of the recession many people were opting out of pet ownership. I can understand. Buying a dog form a breeder can cost hundreds of dollars and the initial medical bills can be rather steep. Feeding and care can also add up quickly. Owning a dog or cat is not a decision you should take lightly and if your budget is tight you might want to avoid the extra responsibility.

If you are interested in a dog or cat, but want to avoid a lot of the upfront costs you should consider another option. Across America their is a growing pet adoption movement. More and more people are opening their hearts and homes to dogs and cats that might otherwise be euthanized. These animals are free and the shelters often provide much of the early coverage such as shots as well as spaying and neutering. Some places will even offer free obedience training lessons.

With over 5 million+ animals in shelters across this country the perfect dog or cat may be waiting for you. Sites like  are a great resource to help you in your search. It allows you to search by breed, size, age, and most importantly location.

I did a quick search and found “Jesse” a  two year old Scottish Terrier mix in New Carisle Ohio. She looks like a feisty little companion, just waiting to brighten up your home.

So if you are looking for a new pet, please consider animal adoption. It’s free, its easy, and it just might save a life.

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