The 3 Choices You Need to Make About Your Landline

When I was a teenager, my father would look over the phone bill and interrogate us on the most expensive calls. My Mother generally got a pass, but the rest of us were in trouble if that bill was high.

“Who’s number is this? ….. Michael Callahan”

“And this one? ……. Jenny May. “

“You see them eight hours a day at school. Why do you need to have a 41 minute phone conversation with the Mike and a 87 minute conversation with Jen?”

“If you want to talk to them you get on your bike and ride over to their house.”

“I know they don’t live in the same house, don’t get smart with me.”

Oh how times have changed. Now the idea of paying by the minute on a landline seems absurd and an 87 minute conversation is probably considered normal to most teenagers, perhaps even short. The idea of sharing a phone line is  probably alien to more and more people. Remember how embarrassing that was, you would be talking to someone and your parents would pick up and just start dialing. Then they would get confusing when they put the phone to their ear only to hear you yelling at them to get off.

Nostalgia aside, that phone line that has always been there for you, that you once thought you could never line with out. It’s turning into an unnecessary bill. You shouldn’t let 40, 50, 70, 100 dollars just walk out the door every month. The time has come to weigh your options.

  1. Bundle It – The main reason that most people who haven’t cut the cord on their landline cite is “Everyone knows that number”. I can certainly appreciate that. The only numbers I still know from memory are landlines. The ideal solution for you then might be to move your phone number over to your cable bill. You keep your number and bundle you service. Depending on your area you might be able to negotiate a bigger cable package while at the same time lowering your phone bill. Win-Win.
  2. Vonage – When VOIP or over the internet phone services came out I was very excited, but someone skeptical. Now I feel that the technology has improved to the point that its viable. Among the most popular of these services is Vonage. You enroll for the service, check to see that your number can be transferred and register. They send you a Vonage box, hook up is easy, and you are on your way. Right now Vonage is offering a promo, $9.99 the first three moths and 25 dollars a month after. They will also give you a 50 dollar gift card for signing a one year deal. Is you current landline bill 25 bucks?
  3. Cut the Cord – Everyone in the house has a cell phone or you are just not home enough to justify one. Eliminate the home line. I did this years ago and I don’t miss it. I might reevaluate this position after the Wedding and certainly after I have children, but presently I am fine with using my cell phone for all my calls.

If you are overpaying on your landline bill by just 25 dollars a month you are wasting 300 dollars a year. I’m sure you could find a much better use for that money. That is why it might be time to consider changing or eliminating that landline.

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