You Want Deals?

I am not an impulse buyer. This is especially true of large purchases. It took me two weeks to buy my television. I spent three months researching and deal searching for my car. My philosophy is if it worth spending money on then its worth the extra time it takes to investigate. Good quality and low price are my goal.

This can be approached from one of two ways. You can find a quality item and then try to find the best deal on it. Or you can search through various deals and figure out which ones are offering quality products. I have done both and found that time is the only factor when choosing between the two strategies. If I need something right away. If for example, if my air conditioner broke in the middle of the Summer I would probably end up trying to search through deals and try to find a quality item. If that same AC unit worked but sounded like it was on its last legs right now. I would have much more time to find a great deal on a great unit.

Regardless of your situation, it always helps to have some deal saving websites at your disposal. One such site is where “Every day is Black Friday”. The layout and navigation is very easy and the deals are great. I particularly like the “Editor’s Choice” tab.

For example I found a sweet deal on an HD TV. A Panasonic Viera 50″ 600Hz 1080p Widescreen Plasma can be sitting in your living room for $650.00. A 50 inch HDTV for under 700 dollars! As someone who loves deals I would say that it doesn’t get much better then that., bookmark it, it will probably come in handy later.

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