What’s Better than Free?

Did you ever have a friend get two copies of the same book or movie and give you one? Pretty nice isn’t it. Free Sample at the SuperMarket? Don’t mind if I do. Buy one get one free, looks like two for me. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Its often said that you can’t get something for nothing, but I have found away. Allow me to introduce you to FreeCycle.org, a place where people get rid of the stuff they no longer want to people who need that very same stuff.

It pretty simple. Navigate over to the site, enter your location and up comes the list. Some people are offering things and other are place wanted ads. It’s like a giant free garage sale. All of these things are first come first serve so you have to be nimble. In my area I found this great looking dell monitor that appears to be in pretty good shape. An e-mail and a car trip and it could be mine.

It seems like a great number of the items are baby stuff that someone’s child out grew or computer accessories from a newly replaced desktop or laptop. If you are quick and have a good eye for value I think it would be possible to start up a little side business picking up and selling items from this site on Craigslist or Ebay. The site is full of possibilities. FreeCycle.org, check it out.

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