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Are you a dog lover? I am, I’ve had dogs my entire life and probably always will. When I found out that my last dog Missy has cancer I was crushed. She loved going for walks and I promised myself that I would take her for a walk every night for as long as we could. I kept my word and took Missy for over 130 walks in a row before her illness got the best of her. Its been over two years and I still miss her.

Now we have two puppies and they are walking amateurs. They don’t stay on the sidewalk, they tangle their leashes, one of them will suddenly stop for no reason. It can be a headache.  Enter the good folks from Oregon at Bebop USA. They make a wide range of dog/cat leashes and harnesses. Having worked in the veterinary field the people at Bebop design and manufacture products with the comfort and the safety of your pets in mind.

Perhaps the “Grippa Double Dog Walker” is the tool to get my two rambunctious pups in line. The handle appears to be well made and comfortable to hold. The straps are offered in a variety of colors and are made to last. I would rather hold two leashes on one hand then one in each. The design quality in this item is obvious.

If you click around their site you will find many products focusing on a variety of needs. If your dog’s collar is too small or worn out you should consider replacing or upgrading to a BeBop collar or harness. Your pet will thank you for it.

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