Viggle It!

Television, chances are you own one, odds are you own several. The average American watches 4-5 hours of t.v. a day. That’s around 30 a week and with so many great shows on who can blame them. I personally enjoy The Office, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Colbert Report, Boardwalk Empire, and Dirty Jobs. And these are just the shows I look for. I often watch a wide variety of news programs and documentaries when I am surfing around.

As some on who has worked most of his life in TV stations I can tell you that they are very interested in knowing what you watch. Viewers equal ratings, ratings equal advertisers, and advertiser equal money. This is why the media companies are constantly trying to figure out what you are watching and how to get you to watch more. Rating agencies and set top box data are crucial metrics of success.

Enter Viggle, a media company that has found a way to reward its members for watching shows and checking out new ones. This is how it works. You download the Viggle app to your smart phone. The sign up can be done in less then a minute. Once the app is installed, you tap the “What’s On” button and you are provided with a list of TV programs and the amount of points you will receive for watching them. You tune into that program and tap the “Check In” button on your app. Viggle listens for the shows audio coming out of your televisions speakers. Once it confirms that you do in fact have the selected program on it awards you the points.

You can redeem your points from Viggle for rewards, they range from a RedBox movie rental to a Royal Caribbean cruise. My friend who recommended this app to me said you can earn thousands of points a week if you really try. That’s good for a $5 gift card from 1800 or a coffee at Starbucks.

To me the best  part is that you were most likely going to watch TV anyway. No you can get rewarded for it with some nice prizes. Viggle, check it out.

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