Selling Your Old Cell Phones – Follow up

Recently I wrote and article about selling my old cell phones. After some searching I found a site that was going to pay me $22.00 for my six old handsets. I thought this was a good offer, but not a great one. Being hasty can often cost you money. I did a search on Ebay and found that phones similar to my own were selling for more.

Since listing is free and I had the first place as a back up I decided to try and sell my phones on Ebay. Last night all of my auctions ended and my old phones sold for a combined total of $63.45, nearly triple my first order. With Ebay and Paypal fees my total will drop to about 55 bucks, but I am still very pleased with this outcome.

If you want to sell your old cell phones quick and easy I suggest you try If you are willing to create a listing, deal with buyers, and mail out your old cell phones for more money, then I think Ebay is the way to go. Either way those old cell phones aren’t doing you much good in a closet or the dresser draw. Maybe you should cash them in.

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