Cash in the Junk Draw- Selling Your Old Cellphones

Recently I wrote a post about selling your old Iphone to buy a new one as a way to erase the cost of getting a new handset. This is great, but what if you are like me and you have a draw full of old phones? Here is a picture(taken with my IPhone) of every cell phone I have ever owned.  I don’t know why I kept them. It just didn’t make sense to throw them away. So I placed them in a draw and that’s where they stayed.

Not too long ago I saw an add for a cell phone buy back service. You fill out and online form, they mail you an envelope, you send your phone in and they cut you a check. I thought great I have a nice little collection that I would like to cash in. I know that the batteries can be recycled and the devices themselves have industrial metals in them that are worth a nice chunk of change. I am told that some phone are cleaned up and sent to other parts of the world where they are used again. Pretty interesting stuff.

So after some searching I found a site called What’s good about this place is that it will show you the price your phone can command from a number of different cell phone buyers. It will also provide you with some reviews and their BBB rating. I am always cautious when dealing with companies that I have never heard of so this information very helpful.

I began to look up each of my phones. My oldest, the Blue Nokia was worth a buck as was my other Nokia. My two old Motorola’s were worth, zero. My first smart phone was worth 2 dollars, and my HTC Droid Eris was worth $18. Twenty Two dollars for my phones, not great, but they are worth nothing to me in a draw. My biggest mistake with this was waiting. If I had done this two years ago I am pretty sure my haul would have been closer to 75 dollars. Live an learn.

I signed up for the mailers, they will be here in a few business days. I was all wrapped up, but then I decide to see what my phones were selling for on Ebay. The answer, more. Since listing is now free on Ebay I decided to give it a shot. I put my four oldest phones on together as a lot. They have already gotten a 6 dollar bid and the auction isn’t even over yet. The other phone have watchers so If they sell great and if they don’t I will mail them out. If things work out for me on Ebay I am looking to make around 40 dollars for my old cell phones. Enough my for the future bride and I to enjoy a nice dinner a casual restaurant. I’ll take that any day.

So If you just upgrade to a new phone or you’re like me and you have a collection of old phones, trade them in for some cash.

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