Embrace Coupons – 3 Excellent Places to Find Deals

Do you use coupons? I don’t. I know I should. I love a good deal and I will search far and wide to find one. Not just any deal, but the best deal. But coupons, for some reason I just never do it. I know that I’m leaving money on the table and that just can’t happen.

My mother is an excellent couponer. Often times she will save over 10 dollars on a grocery bill. That’s over 500 bucks a year. I need to embrace coupons. In a previous post I found a way for you to save 6% on groceries, now its time to build on that with coupons. I’ve searched around and located what I think are three great places to find great coupon offers.

  • DealSeekingMom.com – This a a good site that posts several times a day on a variety of categories. She finds great deals like this one, buy 4 Starbucks Coffees and get a 5th free. If you go on a coffee run at the office, that one should come in handy.  She also has a weekly give away. Certainly worth a peek.
  • LivingRichwithCoupons – Offers you a mountain of daily offerings. Before you head out to the super market spend about 10 minutes here and you will be handsomely rewarded.
  • CouponDivas.com – Also offeres daily coupon and bargain deals, but they also have a “match-up” feature that allows you to see the advertised coupons and bargains from specific stores, very useful.

By using sites like these even the coupon impaired (like me) should be able to find bargains and savings. A few bucks here and there really adds up.

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