How to Get a Free IPhone 5

With mere weeks before its launch the internet is a buzz about the IPhone 5. Questions and rumors abound. Will it have a bigger battery? Will it be thinner? I hear it will have a bigger screen. How much will it cost?

If history is an indication the IPhone 5 will set you back $199.00 if you sign a new service contract and $650.00 if you buy it outright. Most of us will opt for the new contract if we can or wait till that time comes. So for the majority of us the 5 will cost 200 bucks. That is a lot of money but you may have an ace up your sleeve that you have forgotten about.

In the past when you would buy a new phone you would toss the old one into the “phone recycling” bin at the wireless store, bad idea. Or you would give it to someone you knew who either lost their phone, broke their phone, or had an embarrassingly old phone. A very nice gesture that I am sure they appreciated.

If you were like me you put your old phone in the bottom of a draw with the others. It lays there waiting for the day when you could take it out and show it to your son or daughter and say, “In my day our cell phones were huge and all they did was make phone calls!”. Your child of the future would marvel at this antiquated piece of cellular nostalgia.

This has all changed. The IPhone 5 may make your current smart phone slightly obsolete, but not completely so. Many cell phone buyback companies are offering nearly 200 dollars for your used IPhone 4. I am sure this price will drop when the 5 hits, but you have options. On Ebay and Iphone 4 is selling for 100-500 dollars depending on the condition of the phone and the options. Again this price will drop after the 5 arrives, but I am pretty sure you will still be able to get around 200-300 dollars for a good condition had set.

You could list your current phone on Ebay, sell it for 200+ dollars(depending on the type of phone and the condition), take that money and buy an Iphone 5. You could have your new phone in hand before you even mail out your old one. And there you are, a brand new Iphone 5 and you didn’t have to spend a penny.

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