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When I moved into my first apartment I found that I had to buy a lot of stuff. Rugs, couches, lamps, cutting boards, the list went on and on. One of the things on that long list was a frying pan. I went into a local big box store, looked at the selection of frying pans and selected the blue one. That was my criteria, blue. Maybe that and size. Blue and small.

What I hadn’t notice was where the frying pan was made, China. It was of very poor quality and a year later I noticed that the coating on the frying pan was peeling off. My roommate turned to me and said “where do you things that coating is going?” I said it probably comes off when I clean it. He said, “Or you could be eating it.” This was a very alarming thought.

I tossed that pan and went back to the store. I must have looked at over a dozen frying pans until I found what I was looking for “Made in the USA” stamped into the bottom. I gave it a good once over and I could see that it seemed to have a sturdy build to it. It cost a little more but my health is important to me and if I have to buy a new cheap frying pan every year is it really that much cheaper in the long run?

Time would prove me right. Six years later and I still have my American made frying pan, going strong.

This is one of the reasons why I am recommending Regal Ware. Based in Wisconsin this company offers “high quality stainless steel and cast aluminum cookware”. Their items are precision made with quality materials. Safe, reliable, and long lasting. Right now they are having a fall sale. You can get a 5 piece frying/sauce pan set for 50% off. This and many other bargains can be found at their website. If you need to update your cookware, if that cheap Chinese made stuff has you concerned click on over to Regal Ware and have a look.

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