3 Websites Where You Can Watch TV Shows and Movies for Free

The entertainment industry is changing rapidly. Back in 2000 most people loved seeing movies on the big screen, now a growing number people prefer to watch films at home. Back then most people relaxed on the couch watching the TV. Now all of that is moving over to the internet and people watch it on their Ipad or laptop. The idea of a site giving away content for free would have been considered a crime,now new sites are popping up all over. At no point in your lives have we had more outlets where we can find instant entertainment.

For those of you looking to lower your cable bill or just add a few more options to the mix here are three sites that offer free movies and television shows:

  1. Crackle.com – This site offer a great mix of fairly recent films and TV shows as well as older ones. No sign up is required to access the content, but registering will let you use some of the extra features.  The streaming worked well on my conputer. The resolution was good, but it top out a 480i so it isn’t HD. On a smaller screen its not as noticeable.
  2. Hulu – You may have see the commercials for this site on the TV. It’s biggest strength is its large assortment of current TV episodes from a wide variety of programs.  They do have commercials but the streaming is almost seamless and the resolution of the video is very good.
  3. CastTv- Is a type of go between for other sites.You search this site and it links you over to other carriers like Fox, ABC, and NBC. It’s a good place to go if you are looking for suggestions or ideas about new shows that you might be interested in.
The ways that you can use these sites will vary from person to person. You can watch a movie while you surf the web at your desk. You can watch a TV show on your laptop in bed. Maybe you will hook a computer up to your TV and watch it in a more “traditional” setting. Everything is changing and with more options you can use these sites anyway that you like. Best of all, they’re free.


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