TV Deal of the Day!

What a difference a year makes, last year you were lucky to find a 4K TV for under 2 grand. SAMSUNGDEALNow the deals are just pouring in. Case and point this 55inch Samsung for $1600. To me this deal is incredible for several reasons.

  1. First off its a Samsung, not a Westinghouse, or Insignia, or some other company no one has ever hear of. These guys are a leader in 4K TVs.
  2. Secondly its a new TV, not a refurb. When I first saw it I thought it was refurb pricing. I am not against refurbs, but new is of course preferred.
  3.  Can’t forget the model number, the 9000 line of Samsung TV’s a solid, mid range entry.
  4. The cherry on top, it comes with a 3d blu ray play, also a Samsung. I find its always best to match the player with the TV.

A deal like this wont last so head over to Ebay quickly if you are in the market for a new 4k TV. The only downside for some would be the curve. That’s a personal choice that you will have to weigh on your own. as someone who spent months last year looking and reviewing several of the top 4K TV I can honestly say that if I didn’t already own a 4K TV I would probably be buying this one.

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