Black Friday Is HERE! Three Deals to Get Things Started.

We are in it now. Black Friday, the official kick off to the holiday shopping season. Last year I openly wondered if the deals were real or if this was all hype.  Every situation is different, but in my experience you have to believe. With that in mind, let’s begin.

Now before you run off and grab your conquests you have to prepare. A deal is great but multiple deals, stacked on top of each other is the best. Do you have a Discover card? Did you activate the 5% cashback bonus for this quarter? It works at Amazon, department stores, and clothing stores. All it takes is a few clicks and you can take on extra savings to your deals.

You also can’t forget Fatwallet and Ebates. These site not only help you find deals, but the offer cash back at hundreds of retailers. Looking over their deals I can tell you that the cashback is very high this year.

Alrighty, with all that settles here are some deals to get you  started.

  • Marvel Art – Signed By Stan Lee - Men in general and young men specifically are rather difficult to shop for. Right now comic book character are quite popular and Stan Lee is the current king of the art form. “Beyond the Rack is offering up a wide assortment of limited edition prints depicting SpidermanMr. Lee’s most iconic character like this one of Spider Man. They are doing so at a great discount, retailing at $500 and reduced for your right now to $129.99. This is a great gift for a comic or movie fan that they can keep on their wall for years and year. The best part is that their is a strong possibility that this piece will hold its value or even increase in value over time. Once they have outgrow that phase they can sell your gift, like an investment.
  • Samsonite Luggage - I know what you might be thinking, luggage? Really? Luggage? Stay with me. If you have a member of your family that is engaged or is going on a big vacation like a long cruise or a trip to Disney this could be the best gift ever. LuggageLuggage is expensive, this set retails for over 400 dollars. Right now you can have this well reviewed, TSA approved Samsonite set for $119.99. Give it to them next December and they will sing your praises when they return from their next trip.
  • Ipad Mini 2 – Last year we gave my sister one and now she uses it more than her laptop.Ipad mini 2 It small and light and the screen is beautiful. I know the two is now considered and older model, but at $199 you really can’t bet the price. This deal is offered from Walmart and they a sweeting in the pot with either Free shipping or free in store pick up for those of you who want to lock down that gift right now.

So there you are, three deals to start the ball rolling, more to follow.

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