Fight the High Cost of Textbooks, Rent them.

College is expensive. This statement isn’t a revelation, but it gets truer every year. Tuition, housing, food plan, the bills can pile up pretty fast. One of the biggest bills is the cost of text books.

When I was in school, twice a year I would head over to my college’s book store and I would pile all of my required textbooks into a basket. Then I would head to the register and wait for the shockingly high number that I knew was coming. While this was a little frustrating the real disappointment came when I would go to sell the books back at the end of the semester. Most time I would be lucky to get 15-20% of what I paid. An eighty dollar book would bring 6 bucks on the sell back. I didn’t understand how a book I had bought 4 months earlier had suddenly lost so much of its value. Like many of my fellow students I couldn’t help but feel like I was being taken advantage of.

If I were a little wiser in my younger years I would have seen this situation for the opportunity that it was. All over the internet entrepreneurs have seen the students unhappiness with the situation and have tried to capitalize on it.  One such company is As the name suggest they will rent you text books for the semester.

Since I have no need for textbook, I have not used the site, but it seems like a good deal. You select your textbooks and the timeframe you would like the books for. You pay and the site ships them to you for free. You use them and send them back, return shipping is free as well.

I searched around for an exmple. I found a math book that sells for $182.00 could be rented for $62.09, a nearly 60 percent savings. It seems entirely possible to cut your textbooks cost by more then half if you rented them from a site like this instead of buying them. Numbers like that deserve consideration.

If you are one of the many students who are about to spend a small fortune on books, you might want to look into a site like and save yourself some cash.

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