Prime Day – The Hype is Real

We are almost half way through prime day and I can attest that it is everything they promised it would be. Case and point:

  • This Samsung 8550 50 Inch UHD 4K TV and video pack could Prime TVnot be had for any less then $1700 dollars. As you may remember I spent months finding my TV and this model was one of my lead candidates( I did buy a TV and I will share the results in a later post). Right not, on Prime day that TV can me had fro $999! For the TV alone that would be amazing, but you get the added bonus of the 4K hard drive with an impressive assortment of preloaded 4K movies, very nice.

This is just one of hundreds of deals that are going on as we speak, but the madness is intense and things sell out in minutes. Stay nimble my friends.

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