Free Pretzels! Auntie Annie’s App Offer

I love me some apps. Every one wants a piece of real estate on your phone and they are will to pay for it with freebies and discounts. Auntie Annie, the delicious pretzel maker, wants you to download their app and they are will to give you a pretzel for doing so. Here is how it works: Pretzel

  • Download the Free app.
  • After you make your first purchase you get a free pretzel.
  • On your birthday you get another free pretzel.
  • Every dollar you spend you nets you 10 points.
  • For every 300 points you amass you get a free pretzel.

 I can’t think of an easier or quicker way to earn free pretzels. The PreztelPerks app will also send you info about special rewards and promotions. So if you have a craving for free yummy buttery pretzels then this app was made for you my friend. 

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