Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Round House Jeans

For me personally the “Made in the USA” movement began with my feet and then progressed to my jeans. I’ve owned several pairs made by “All American Clothing Company” and I found them to be excellent. I love their jeans and have continued to buy from them. Recently though I have decided to share the love and buy my next pair from another domestic jeans maker. At first I worried that this might prove to be difficult, but I was quickly proven wrong.

I actually feel bad admitting that. So many people fail to even try to buy American because they think their is nothing out there for them. I have tried for almost three years now to debunk that thinking, but it is so pervasive in our culture that even I will occasionally fall into that trap. It is wrong and I was wrong. I could buy my new jeans from the Hartford Demin Company, or Texas Jeans, both are great companies making great products.

I decided to go with one of the oldest jeans manufactures in America. A company that has been in the business for over 100 years, Round House. Based in Shawnee Oklahoma, these guys have been making jeans since before they were adopted by the public at large. Many of  Round House’s employee have been with the company for decades. Here is a short little video showcasing their operation: Seeing the faces of those workers and the care and quality they out into their jobs reminds me of why I decided to buy American in the first place. I looked through their site and found a pair of relaxed fit jeans that suited me just fine. I don’t go for skinny jeans or even slim fit. I like to be comfortable, I also like to be able to bend over with out sever pain or discomfort. I’m old fashion that way, but to each his own. The jeans I selected look great and the best part about them is that they cost $29.95.  I don’t know if I could even find a pair of cheap, foreign, child slave labor jeans for that price! Made in American jeans at rock bottom prices what a combo. I’ll write more when I receive them, but if you are looking to replace a few pairs of old jeans that need replacing you probably can’t do much better than Round House Jeans.

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  • Tammy Kulpa

    You said for you the movement started with your feet. Which American made shoe company is your favorite? For sneakers I really love SOM Footwear from Colorado.