My Backyard Garden – Two Months Out

The Summer has really been flying by and my garden has been prospering. This being my second year of gardening, I have a better understanding of what to expect. As of today all of my crops are coming along nicely. Here is my take away thus far:

  • The “Sugar Baby” Watermelons : The primary concern with watermelon plants is vine management.  These guys like to spread and they move fast. Once the roots take hold these things will grow almost a foot a day under the right conditions. I have to make sure that the don’t grow into other plants or onto my lawn. All it requires is moving the vines at the right time, but you have to stay on top of them. Baby WatermelonThey appear healthy, they have begun flowering and a few days ago I got my first baby water melon.
  • The Tomatoes: They come in three varieties, Big Beef, BrandyWine, and one that I can’t recall. I now have the taller plants caged and they are doing great. I do make a point to pure them back from time to time. This stops the branches from growing into and shading each other and it allows the plant to grow stronger and taller. All eight plants have little green tomatoes on them, I am hoping for a massive yield.
  • Binteje Potatoes: In the center bed closest to the camera are my potatoes. They are new comers to my garden Crops July 2ndand I am learning as I go. From as far as I can tell they seem to be doing well. The potatoes themselves grow underground, butt he leafy portion of the plant is growing strong and looks very healthy. As best as I can tell, so far so good.
  • Stowell’s Evergreen Sweet Corn”: I dropped the ball on these guys. In an effort to “help” the rows furthest from the sun I planted the three rows about a week apart. The thinking was that the younger plants wouldn’t shade the older ones. It was just dumb and now I have corn at three different heights and three different ages. The older corn is pushing the younger and the pollination is going to be so spread out that the oldest corn will not benefit from the younger. On the upside the quality of the plants themselves are top notch, strong tall and thick. Perhaps my corn will compensate from my poor planting strategy. 

Thus far I am very happy with my garden. I expect to pick some tomatoes in the next week and I will provide you with a yield count soon. As of right now I am expecting to beat last years totals.


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