No Free Yankee Tickets This Year

For the last two years I have promoted and yankees logoenjoyed an offer from Hess for two free Yankee tickets. In both cases I was able to obtain good seats and had an very enjoyable time.

With a new season underway I was looking forward to taking advantage of this giveaway once again. On top of this I had several friends and family members who heard about my experience and were looking to do the same. What Yankee fan wouldn’t want free tickets?

I was unable to find any mention of this offer this year and was a bit confused. I searched a few sites and contacted Hess only to learn that sadly this contest is no more. Hess has sold their gas stations to Speedway and with the end of Hess so goes their giveaway.

I really enjoy Hess gas stations, their app, and their ticket giveaway. For these reasons and several others I am sad to see Hess go. I am also left wondering what will happen to the Hess Truck this Christmas? I will have to inquire.

Despite this set back I will continue to try and find a replacement deal for my loyal readers. I have a few ideas that I am looking into. I will share them with you shortly.

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