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Many an inventor has taken up the task to “build better mouse trap”, most have found very little success. In a majority of cases the simplest design is often the most effective.  This is true of mouse traps and even more so when applied to baby bottles. The standard bottle that my son drank from this morning was very similar to the one I drank as a baby builder and to the one by father enjoyed in infancy. Sure plastic has replaced glass in the materials department, but other than that not too much has changed.

Why should it? Why replace a bottle that gets the job done? The fine folks at Dr. Brown might argue that while perfect is often the enemy of good, better often rules the day. BottlesIn their patented bottle design they have figured out how to deliver a steady stream of fluid that reduces many of the problems associated with traditional bottles. Their “natural flow” internal vent system provides positive pressure, vacuum free, feeding that reduces colic, burping, spit-up, and gas by eliminating air bubbles.

This new bottle design caught my interest and when I saw that it was they were the number one selling bottles on Amazon that interest grew. When I discovered that they were “Made in the U.S.A.” and that a five bottles set was only $19.99 I couldn’t help but pull the trigger.

Having owned these bottles I can say that the hype is real. Every morning I feed my son and I can attest that Dr. Brown’s claims are true. These bottles deliver a steady, smooth, air bubble free stream of formula. We have several different brands of bottle and Dr. Brown’s is my go to choice. The other bottles are fine, but Dr. Brown’s are the best.

From the moment you hold one of these bottles you can feel the quality and knowing that it is made domestically of BPA free plastic is very reassuring. I was a bit concerned that they would be hard to clean, but the dismantle and reassemble very easily. We are still primarily using that 4 ounce bottles, but it won’t be long before we climb on up to the 8 ounce bad boys. I am very please with this purchase and would highly recommend these bottles to other parents. 

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