My BackYard Garden – Two Weeks out

My garden is over two weeks old and my progress has been pretty good. BabyCornHere in NY we have had a nice string of warm sunny weather and my crops have been benefiting from these ideal conditions. My first and second rows of corn are coming in and I expect the third to be popping up any day now. As you may recall I planted the corn rows several days apart so that the row furthest from the sun would not be shaded by the other rows. I’m not really sure if this will have a meaningful impact on the crop, but I guess it couldn’t hurt.

The little watermelon leaves have broken through the soil and are looking very healthy. As I remember the watermelon vines are rather slow out of the gate. A week or two will pass and they will barely progress and then BOOM they are traveling everywhere. Speaking of everywhere I have been watching the appearance of rogue watermelon vines popping up all over one of my beds. Last year I composed the immature melons into the beds and their seeds have taken hold. I will transfer some of them to my pots and other will be given to my neighbor who is giving me my tomatoes plants.

I might not even need his plants because, like the watermelons, I composted some of last years tomatoes in the beds and they have taken hold as well. This is an unexpected bonus and one I gladly welcome. I was also pleasently suprised by the arrival of my potatoes in the mail yesterday. I will begin to prepare them for planting this evening. I am very excited.

So far my garden seems to be fairly well. Let’s hope it continues.

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