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In 13days, God willing, I am going to be a father. It has been a very exciting time for the Bride and and and with that joy comes responsibility. Time to child proof the house. I realize that it will be some time before my son can crawl or walk, but why wait. No time like the present. Time to buy some outlet covers, the little white plastic ones that my parents used when I was a toddler. I bought a whole big box of them, more than enough for every outlet in the house.

Then I noticed one behind the crib. I was concerned. Can he reach down and touch that outlet? What if he pulls out the plug cover? Now we have a choking hazard and an exposed outlet right next to my sons crib. Should I move the crib? All of the walls have outlets and I want the crib visible from the doorway. What to do? 

A quick web search yielded a solution, Coverplugs. coverplugThis device covers the entire outlet and can be painted as well. It allows you to not only cover the outlet, but camouflage it was well. This should make the outlet less appealing to any curious fingers and much harder to pull off. In the event that it did come off its way too big to be a choking hazard.

Coverplugs are a patented American made product that sells for $8.50 for a 2 pack on Amazon. With such a low price and such strong reviews I snatched up a pair. It came yesterday and I am very pleased with them. They are very sturdy looking, I can’t wait to paint them a place them in my nursery.

Of course nothing is 100 percent effective, but a Coverplug and of course the parental supervision, are a good start. If you have an outlet that you a looking to conceal I don’t think you could do much better than this American made product.

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