Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Worx Chainsaw

Americans don’t makes those anymore. A phrase spoken by cynics masquerading as realists used to dismiss those of us who still believe in the American worker. That’s not to say it isn’t true, we haven’t made a TV in this country for quite some time. It’s difficult to find and American made watch or power tool, difficult but not impossible and that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look.

When the snow finally melted in my backyard last week I went out to inspect the property.  I noticed that a dead tree on the edge of  my backyard had deteriorated at an alarming rate. I felt this growing sense of dread that this tree could topple any day and come crashing down on my neighbor’s house. I like my neighbor, I certainly don’t want to see that happen for several reasons. I also don’t want to to crash into my other healthy trees and damage them.

I would have to cut it down. One problem, I have no saw. work chainsawI paid a quick visit to Amazon and started researching models. As you know I always try to buy American but didn’t think that would be possible. I am happy to report that I was wrong. The number one selling electric chainsaw  on Amazon is the WORX WG 303.1, and it is “Made in the USA”. Why an electric chainsaw? One word, maintenance.

I called several friends to ask if I could borrow their chainsaws. In all three cases I heard the same reply, they had one but it wasn’t running. If you let a gas engine sit too long it stops working. With an electric chainsaw you need not worry.

Is this a lumberjack grade chainsaw, no. I don’t need that, I need one for a suburban yard and this one seems to fit the bill nicely. At $95.99 it fits the bill nicely. The reviews are almost perfect and with over 350 people weighing in I feel pretty confident in this product. Another quality “Made in the USA” product, we do make those and we make them well.

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  • Onslow West

    As of 2017-02-05, the Customer Questions & Answers at Amazon indicate that this saw and the similar 18″ one (WG304.1) are both made in China.