Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Suncast Snow Shovel – My Personal Experience

I realize that we only have a few weeks left of Winter, but I wanted to give a review of this product based on my personal experience. Last year I bought a a Suncast 20 inch snow shovel. My primary reasons for doing so was that it was “Made in America” and it had excellent reviews.

shovelSince then NY has gotten walloped pretty badly by the snow. My Suncast shovel certainly saw a fair bit of action this year and it performed amazingly. I can honestly say that this is the best snow shovel I have ever owned. The steel weather strip is great at breaking up ice, the handle is sturdy and easy to grip, and the scoop is deep and generous. You can use it to push snow or scoop it, the versatility has allowed be to push aside smaller accumulations or tackle the heavy storms.

I check my records and I paid about 30 bucks for this shovel. Is that high? Yes and no, sure I could find a 10 dollar shove at some big box store. It would do the job well enough and probably break after a season or two. I decided to go the other day, spend a little extra and get a whole lot more. I got what a paid for, an American made shovel that is second to none in utility and quality.

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