Made in the U.S.A. Monday Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop -Purchase

When It comes to buying American I try to lead by example, I like to put my money where my mouth is. Many of my articles are about products that I already own, others are a about items I plan to or hope to buy. A few days after writing about the Zeroll 1030 ice cream scoop I received one of my very own.

ScoopsI have used it twice and have been very impressed. The 1030 feels good in the hand and it makes digging out a few scoops of ice cream very easy. The scoops from the 1030 are perfectly round and small. The 1030 is a 1 ounce scoop model, which is exactly what I wanted. For those of you that prefer “normal sized” scoops I recommend the 1020 or the 1012. I may purchase one of those model for parties, but for now the 1030 works just fine.

The quality in the build of my Zeroll scoop is evident from the moment you open the box. The smooth aluminum handle has a clean look and the scoop portion of the scoop has machined texture. I have no fear of peeling coatings or rust because the design of this scoop is top notch. My food is safe with this Zeroll scoop and with the right care it will last me a lifetime. At $15 I can’t recommend it enough. Summer is right around the corner, buy one now.

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