Freewheel Your Way to Savings

In the last decade nothing has changed more than the cell phone bill. Cell phone carriers used to charge by the minute. Then you could buy blocks of minutes. With the growth of smart phones, texting and data came into play.  Now it appears that we are in an all out price war.

Sprint has been heavily promoting their “Cut Your Bill in Half”plan. If you bring them your Verizon or AT&T bill they will sign you up for a Sprint Plan with unlimited text and talk for 1/2 the price. They also agree to waive the activation fee and buy out your old contract. This is music to a deal lovers ears.

All of that is great, I love seeing prices come down, but I want to share something pretty revolutionary. A move away from cellular networks and onto Wifi. Dump your voice, data, and text plans and save hundred of dollars a year. I’ve heard about companies trying such a move, but until recently I never saw the idea implemented.

A few days ago Cablevision launched their “Freewheel” service. Freewheel PhoneFor $9.95 a month Optimum subscribers can get smart phone service for a fraction of the price. This service includes unlimited talk, text, and data and requires no contract. They only offer one phone with this, The Motorola Moto G. It certainly isn’t on the cutting edge of cellular tech, but it seem like a competent day to day handset.

Is there a catch? Yes and No, its so cheap because its a Wifi phone. Most phones use Wifi whenever possible and the cellular network as a back up. With Freewheel you won’t have that, no Wifi, no service. It could be a problem depending on your location.

On the other hand, do you have Wifi at home? Do you have Wifi at work? I do, so most of the day I am connected. Most businesses offer free Wifi and more hotspots come online everyday.

Who is this best for? As I see it two types of people, those who don’t use their phone very often and kids. If you have three kids and they all have smart phones the bill can be up to hundreds of dollars a month. Freewheel offers you the ability to drop that down to $30 a month.

For example let’s say you monthly phone will is $200 for your three kids. You drop that and switch the Freewheel for $30. You save $170 a month or $2040 a year! That’s a short vacation or a giant TV, every year. All because you made one switch. The only other financial consideration is the $99 dollars for the phone.

Now I haven’t tried the phone yet, but I will keep an eye out and share any experiences that I have. If you are looking to shrink your phone bill you might want to consider Freewheel.

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