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The bride and I will be having our first child in less than two months. It is an exciting and busy time filled with learning and new experiences. One of the first things we have learned is that we know nothing about baby stuff. I know what a crib is but I couldn’t tell you which one is a good one or a safe one. The last two weeks I have jumped in and tried to learn as much as possible so that I can provide the very best for my future child.

Of course the very best should include “America Made”, but unfortunately such items have been hard to find in the infant space. All of the “made in the USA” cribs are essentially hand made. This makes them very safe and very beautiful, but it also makes them very expensive. We can’t afford a $1200 crib. In the stroller department I honest couldn’t find one made here.

It took some digging but I found a great American company that makes some terrific baby products right here in the USA. Here is a video of their workers and their factory.

Evenflo has been in business since the 1920’s and as they near their centennial anniversary they continue pump out quality children’s products are know for their safety and reliability. The above video is only a few minutes long but it gives you a deep understanding of what American made is all about, good hard working people like you or I trying to create the best products possible.

Just look at the reviews on Amazon for their “Tribute LX Convertible car seat”.  Over 1000 customers have weighed in and this car seat has an almost perfect score. evenfloThe “Evenflow Tribute LX”car seat exceeds most of the federal safety and crash test requirements, in some cases by a factor of two. No wonder it is the number one selling car seat on Amazon.

It comes in a wide variety of colors and at $59.99 it is priced far below its Chinese made counterparts. A superior American made product at a better price. What’s better than that?

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