Tonight’s MVP is Going to Disney World. I Just Want a TV.

In early December I tried unsuccessfully to buy a 4K TV. I built what looked like was an amazing deal and shortly after ordering I discovered that it was in fact a total bait and switch rip off.  As you can imagine I was very disappointed, but retro tv 1I came away from the experience a little wiser. Here are the take aways from my journey thus far:

  1. Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s are legit. I’ve always thought that these two retail holidays were more flash than substance, but in my TV  buying experience they are the real deal. In my current situation the TV that I have been following the closest, the “Samsung 8550 55 inch TV” the Cyber Monday price was $1400. A few days later it popped up to $1600 and then oddly enough $2000. Presently its sitting at $1700. If I pulled the trigger weeks ago I would have saved myself  a lot of time and headaches.
  2.  Prices are going to Drop. Several stores and websites that I have called are offering a price matching offer until today. That means if I bought a TV last week and another recognized retailer is selling it for less they will refund me the difference. All of them picked today as the cut off point. That tells me that after the lights fade on the Super Bowl prices are going to drop big time.
  3. Out with the Old and in With the New. For some odd reasons TV’s have model years, like cars. Retailers are stocking the shelves with their 2015 models and want to push out their 2014 sets. I find this puzzling, does anyone care if they have last years TV? Could they even tell? Do TV’s change that much year to year? When all is said and done it doesn’t really matter, what does is that prices on previous model year TV’s usually drop greatly in an effort to get them out the door.
  4. President’s Day is the Pinnacle of TV Sales. Depending on a huge variety of factors Black Friday and Cyber Monday might only win the silver medal in retail discount savings game. I certainly hope so.

So when tomorrow arrives I am hoping it brings some amazing TV deals with it. As always I will share my results with you, fingers crossed.

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