Made in the U.S.A. Monday- Emerson Creek Pottery

When I was a kid people looked to buy quality stuff that would last. Some time over the course of my life that all changed. Now it seems like cheap is good, things are almost seen as disposable. You buy garden tools and they rust out in a year. You buy a kite for your son or daughter and it rips apart in a strong wind. What was once made from solid wood is now particle board. The upside is all front loaded. You pay a little, you get a little.

This is why I started Made in the USA Mondays. So I could share some American made, quality products with you.

Items like a lavender ceramic bathroom set from the good people at Emerson Creek Pottery. They are located in Virginia and opened their doors in 1977. Their hand made pottery comes in a wide variety or patterns and is quite beautiful. The bathroom set is priced at 40 dollars, comparable if not cheaper then those you would find at big box stores who primarily use cheap Chinese items.

Emerson Creeks website is easy to navigate and offers a nice selection of pottery. If you are looking to spruce up your home or if you need to replace some dinnerware please give them a visit.

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