Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Sauder Carson Forge Technology Pier

Earlier in the fall I wrote about Ohio base furniture maker Sauder Furniture. Today I am happy to report thatpier I am the proud owner of one of their products. While I didn’t buy their clever little adjustable coffee table that I featured in the September article, I did purchase one of their technology piers. Having received and assembled the product I would like to share some of my thoughts.

  • Assembly – I’m not going to sugar coat it, it’s a bear. I am a pretty handy guy, I can assemble most things with relative ease. I probably put in about 3 hours into this bad boy. You really have to bring your A game on this one and a second set of hand would be recommended. 
  • Quality – The reason it takes so long to put together is because it is so well made. The quality of the build and the detail set this piece part form many in this class. 
  • Value – At just over 100 bucks I think this piece occupies a very unique spot. The build quality puts it right up their with some of the higher quality furniture makers, but the price is in the particle board assemble your own category. So while it’s not an heirloom grade piece of furniture it stands head and shoulders above the Ikea crowd. 

I’ve had my technology pier for over a week and I am pleased with my purchase. Before this I had placed my printer on a shelf under my desk, now it is out and easily accessible. My technology pier looks so good I am now considered buying a matching Forge Desk. What can I say, buying American is contagious. 

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