Rip Off Alert: Abe’s of Maine

Everything was going so well. I found a great TV that I was really excited about and I put together what I thought was an impressive deal. I bragged to a couple of my close friends about it and as far as I knew at the time my amazing TV was mere days away from my possession. Then I got a call from the seller, Abe’s of Maine. There was an issue with my order. 

My first thought was that they had sold out and that I wouldn’t be getting it in time for Christmas. A bummer, but the Bride and I could live with that, we’re adults. Perhaps they would knock some more of the price to compensate me? I was wrong and I had been wrong about a lot of things as I was about to find out. 

I called Abe’s of Maine and a rep immediately got on the phone with me. ME TVHe told me that there was an issue with my order. I had selected a TV with the Chinese made AU panel and did I want to upgrade to the TH01 Samsung made panel. He informed me that the Samsung panel, it’s a Samsung TV, is a better proposition. Now I work in TV, I know a lot about the industry and I had no idea what this guy was talking about. Still I said that I wanted the better Samsung panel. He told me it would be $200 more. 

Now right now alarm bells are going off in my head. Unfortunately I was at work and I didn’t have time to fully assess the situation. I agreed and he thanked me, he even offered to speed up my shipping and throw in white glove delivery. I got off the phone and immediately felt a growing sense of betrayal. It lingered in the back of my mind all day. 

The next morning I contacted Samsung and spoke with one of their reps. He confirmed what I suspected, the salesman was lying. He was either trying to juice up the price of the TV or he was selling non-US market models of that television. The Samsung rep asked me for the model number and when I did he told me that it was a US model TV and the panel was made by them, their was no cheaper Chinese panel. That was all I needed to hear. 

As luck would have it my credit card denied the charge, Abe’s e-mailed me asking me to contact them so the order could process. I jumped right in and told them I knew about their lie and I wanted nothing to do with them. I called my credit card company and told them not to accept any charges from “Abe’s of Maine”. To make sure they understood I sent Abe’s a second e-mail telling them not to charge my card, that I would block the charge of they did, and if they tried to deliver it I would refuse the TV and send it back. 

A trip over to Yelp confirmed my experience. Over 80 reviews and almost all of them bad and most of them sharing the same experience. A cheap price is offered, the buyer accept it and then a phone call asking to raise the price, if the buyer refuses they get an opened box item or a damaged item or some other defect. These guys are real slime, money grubbing criminals. 

But I thought you said you bought from them before? I had, several years ago. I don’t know if I was lucky them or if the site changed owners. I suspect it did as Abe’s of Maine is now located in New Jersey. Please heed my warning and stay away from these losers. If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. 

I had to relearn that lesson the hard way, but I came out relatively unscathed. I apologize to you for steering you towards what I thought was a good deal. I will continue to look for another TV deal from a factory authorized Samsung dealer and share it with you when I find it. I will chalk this up as a reminder to always double check your deals. 

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