Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Hopkins SnowBrush

Common wisdom is often wrong. It is widely believed that America can no longer manufacture small things. No profit in it they say. An airplane or a car can be made here because of the expense, particularly with shipping. Small stuff, don’t even bother. The Chinese can do it cheaper. 

It’s a good thing for us and their employees that Hopkins did listen to that bit of advice. ice scrapperThey make well reviewed quality snow brushes right here in America. I bought one, I haven’t used it yet, but it seems fine.  I got it on Amazon and they have cut the price since then. You can have it for $3.39. That is not a type, for less than 5 bucks you can have an American made snow brush. 

Another incorrect bit of common wisdom is that American made stuff cost more. Looks like they were wrong again. If you need  a snow brushes I an;t see why you wouldn;t buy one, at that price, buy it and out it in the closet until you do. Buying American couldn’t get any easier. 

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