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I bought my current HDTV back in 2006. It cost $2000, down from $2500, and I was over the moon. To have a flat panel plasma TV was a movie lovers dream come true. Now almost nine year later, my beloved little (40 inches) TV is starting to show its age. From time to time the screen will go black and I will have to jiggle the cables to get the picture to come back on. Now it’s only a matter of time before a catastrophic failure ends my set. Could I open the case and reenforce the connections? Maybe, and that’s  big maybe, sometimes opening up a set and messing around with it can cause more harm than good. From the looks of things, it’s time to get a new television. 

If I am completely honest about it I welcomed the opportunity to buy a new set. So much has changed in TV’s since 2006. Sets have gotten bigger, cheaper, 3D, smarter, and with better (4k) resolution. I still love movies as much as I did so many years ago and I was pumped to bring an even better movie watching experience into my living room. The search was on. 

I clicked over to Cnet and poked around. The true champ of picture quality was one of the OLED sets, but the price was north of three thousand dollars, no go. Eventually I paired down my search to one TV, the Samsung UN55HU8550, which I viewed as the perfect balance of quality, features, and price. My parents have a Samsung TV 4K TVwith a smart remote and I was very impressed. Reputation goes a long way with me. 

From Cnet I went to my trusted first stop for shopping, Amazon. They are selling this set in the 55 inch size for $1797.99. As much as I wanted the 60 inch, its almost 1000 bucks more or 200 dollars and inch, way too much. The original price of this set was $3000.00, high for sure, but it is a 4K set. At nearly 1/2 off I was heading in the right direction, but I knew I could do better. On a side note, I checked the price one Cyber Monday and I could swear it was around $1500.00.

From Amazon I went to the search engines and compared prices. Most sites were in line with Amazon’s, but here is where things get a little tricky. Some retailers that I have never heard of were offering much lower prices. I avoid such sites because of the high potential for fraud. These cheaper TV’s could be different models that are being miscategorized, they could be refurbs, who knows. Not worth the risk in my opinion.  

I continued my search and then, up popped a cheap price from a seller I had heard of “Abe’s of Maine”. These guys have been around for decades and have a good reputation. I have bought electronics from them before and don’t recall having any issues. Their price for my future TV is $1399.99, about $400 dollars less than Amazon. They were offering free shipping and depending on where you live they don’t charge tax. Of course being the obedient citizens you are you will check your state laws and submit the appropriate taxes where applicable.

Now this is where a little leg work can pay off. I didn’t want to leave any savings on the table. The first step was easy, right on their home page was a 2% coupon code, “save2″. Boom, 2% or about $27 right off the top. On top of that I went over to BigCrumbs and found a 3.5% cash back offer. Build that deal! Finally at check out, I paid with my discover card for a sweet 5% cash back. Now I have to check on that BigCrumbs offer because it says up to 3.5% so I might not get the full amount, but all in all it looks like I saved and additional 10% off or about $140. 

So when all is said and done “the Bride” and I bought ourselves a 4K, LED, 3D, 55inch, Samsung Smart TV that originally retailed for $3000 for $1260.00 or about 65% off. It’s being delivered for free and should get to out home a few days before Christmas. A gift to each other that we hope we can enjoy of many years to come and a deal that I am sharing with all of you. 

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